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O’clock is authorised by Cambridge English to provide exam preparation and register groups of students on to the following official exams: KET, PET, FIRST, ADVANCED and PROFICIENCY. More than 3.500 students have obtained their certificate thanks to O’clock.

Over the last few years, O’clock has received the Achievement Award, by Cambridge English, which is given to those language schools that carry out a quality exam preparation and whose students obtain the best results in official exams.

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O’clock results 2017

In the last four Cambridge Exams, corresponding to December 2016, March 2017, June 2017 and July 2017, these are the results obtained by our students:

FCE – 112 sat the exam: 91 passed.
O’clock average: 81%.
National average: 66%.
CAE – 77 sat the exam: 65 passed.
O’clock average: 84%.
National average: 71%.
CPE – 7 sat the exam: 7 passed.
O’clock average: 100%.
National average: 68%.

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